Monday, October 17, 2005

Announcing The Humble Fishe <*((((><

The Humble Fishe. Why humble? Why not brash, or cantankerous, onerous, or angsty? Ideally, for the same reasons that you--the interested reader--are reading this blog in the first place: Freshe Aire!

Freshe Aire of the literary-online variety, that is! ;-) Go ahead! Pat your Self on the back! It's perfectly all right to do so! You're tired of the same ol' song and dance of negative feedback, so you've come looking for a word or two that's written by a fellow cohort salmon. . .


Pun ridden, to say the least! However, a blog of humility whose author knows where his meals are coming from, and why he wants to offer this place of humble, literary prose for your enjoyment and relaxation.

So what will be here? What might be subjects of inquiry in the days to come that will, perhaps, raise an eyebrow, turn an ear, or maybe,--just maybe--change a life for the better?

Many different subjects, with many different outcomes, meanings, and menageries of depth, character, and insight. The one common theme that will run through them, however, will be evident: Humility and Respect!

Humility, in keeping with responsible, traditional journalism; journalism which assumes the inherent worth and intelligence of the reader, and does not purport to be something it is not.

Respect, in being sensitive to the needs of those who are being discussed, regardless of background or condition of life.

Lastly, to discuss everything discussed here responsibly, being accurate when facts are being presented, and being focused and succinct whenever an editorial commentary is being published, without being overly ranty.

Oh, one other thing: Everything posted here will be done out of a condition of Love for the Human Race, Life in General, and with a positive, life-affirming view of the future!

So here we go: Blogs Away!