Monday, October 26, 2009

Sprint, The Palm Pre, and Tethering

First, let me speak frankly: I Am A Palm Pre User and Sprint PCS Customer! I'm on a plan that includes everything for about a hundred bucks a month, enjoy using my Pre, and am loathe to switch to any other carrier at this time because of the quality of the service I currently have.

That said, I think it's imperative to understand that there is a basic functionality that the Pre is lacking, which, in The Humble Fishe's opinion, needs to be remedied.

That is the ability to 'tether' the Pre to a computer, either via a USB cable or a Bluetooth wireless connection. The Pre has the technical ability to do these things, as it--like all data devices--has an internal modem that connects it to the network for using all the wonderful features--like the Pre's great web browser--that are so data-intensive.

Still, Sprint hasn't developed something like a simple add-on plan to provide for tethering on the Pre. This doesn't make sense from a marketing perspective or a technical perspective. Sprint has a device one can buy and use on a special plan that allows for five computers to connect to it via a localized, short-area-coverage, wi-fi connection.

Five computers! So if Sprint is worried about all those Pre users out there who might use tethering on their devices (Hypothetical) clogging up the data network, then why offer a device that can do it for five?

The Humble Fishe's Gentle Suggestion for Sprint: All of your customers who use the Pre understand about marketing, for most of us are very savvy at understanding cellular networks and handhelds, and the limitations of both.

What we don't always comprehend, is why such a basic feature like tethering--either via USB or Bluetooth--is unavailable on such an advanced device like the Pre?

Answering this question would help a lot of us--both technical users and laymen alike--comprehend where Sprint--our chosen carrier--is going with their thoughts. It also would help if you'd ask us--on the forums, especially--what we'd like to see and what features we'd like to use.

The way The Humble Fishe sees it, based on what I've read on the forums, as well as my own personal thoughts on the matter is this: Tethering Is Needed On The Pre.

That's all I'll say on this matter, out of politeness and respect. I've shared my Humble Thoughts on the matter. Sprint...The Rest Is Up To You.

Thanks for reading...THF