Thursday, February 14, 2013

Withdrawn From Kaplan

Summary Update

  1. Kaplan University = $33K for an Associate's, 66K for a Bachelor's.
  2. Loan debt of $31K+ already incurred, ergo, NO MORE LOANS!
  3. Working on a smaller Missouri Technical College where I can use ONLY GRANT MONEY!
  4. Above being held up due to Financial Aid Verification issues related to taxes.
  5. Waiting on 2011 W2 from USA Truck so I can file my 2011 return.
  6. Wishing I Had Money!
  7. Wishing I Had Talent To Earn Money
  8. Tired Of Being Held Back By Every Circumstance.
  9. Wanting Relief From Disabilities.
  10. Desiring New Path and Experiences To Get Me To Where I Want To Be.