Monday, November 17, 2014

McDee's Is Done - On To Other Things

This is an update to the post I made back on 8/28/2014.

I got a job at a local McDonald's, but had to quit after I realized just what the job was doing to me.

I'm not fond of my work history.  I've had great difficulties in keeping work for long periods of time.  This has been the case since I was old enough to work.

I started working at age fourteen (14), when I was in middle school, which, for me, was grades five-to-eight (5-8).

I started work as a dishwasher, emptying trays of uneaten food into trash cans, and putting the dishes into the big, square Hobart dishwasher the school used in their kitchen.  I did this for two years.

After middle school, I attended high school for four years, starting work in my high school kitchen when I was fifteen, doing that until the middle of my Junior Year, when I decided I needed more free time during the lunch hour for socializing and other matters.

It remains to be seen whether or not I will be able to overcome this problem.  I just turned 49 and I'm still much the same person I was when I graduated from high school; perhaps a bit wiser, but regarding my work-keeping abilities, much is unknown to me.

And it's not just a work ethic.  I have a fantastic work ethic, but I just have troubles with keeping pace with such a fast-moving society, at least in the professions where this is the norm.

I keep asking myself:  "Why can't I just find a slower-paced job that I can keep for more than a year?"

I haven't really found the answer to this.  It's frustrating, knowing that other people around me succeed where I have always failed.  They "stick it out" while I have continuing problems.

This is why I'm starting a book project, something that is purely intuitive and creative--something I've always felt I had inside of me, but never really 'put on the line' to see if I could do it or not.

I'm in need of something, however, to help my interim bills, and I do have some applications out.  Still, I'm skeptical, and don't put much faith in the 'standard jobs' that everyone else has.

I've never been able to fit into certain, stereotypical roles in work that this country has, and feel I'm a bit out of my league.  Not so much that I'm unable to work, just that I haven't found the right type of work, locally, that would set me apart and be able to be recognized as an expert in that field--something I desire highly!

So here I am.  Again, unemployed.  Bills needing to be paid.  Not enough money to pay them.

And eager, ready, and able to work in whatever field someone might have available to me--if it's the right one and I'm able to both keep up with the work and deal with the people involved.

The entire thing is, to me, becoming a headache!  A long, drawn-out, migraine of an existence in which I'm tired of fighting.

So, Laws of Attraction, Universal Love Constants, KNOCK ME OVER, BABY!  I'M READY TO GET OFF THIS TREADMILL!

Love and Light,