Monday, June 22, 2009

June - Catching Up

June, already! Last post was late May, so I want to bring everyone up to speed on what is going on out here in The Humble Fishe's world.

One item of note is my search for a suitable job, one that's tailored just for me, so I don't have to continue searching forever and ever, going from position to position. Have any of you had to deal with that? Hopefully, not, as it's a pain in the ass when you're 43 years old, learning disabled, and not able to fit in to a normal college curriculum.

So what do I do? I've gone to truck driving schools, worked with Vocational Rehabilitation in my local area to try to get me retrained *after* the truck driving school fiascoes of blog posts past, and I went to college last Fall at a nearby technical college for computer programming; all that last one got me was a new loan, which got me a new computer (my old one broke) but left me cold so far as the educational element of it was concerned.

I've decided to take out no more loans for education. Either I pay for it directly, someone else pays for it directly, or I go to school, gratis! I'm tired of the cost increases versus not-quite-enough-bang-for-the-buck in the United States education market--and let's face it folks! It's become a market first, quality or quantity of product, second.

I'm not paying for any more education that lacks substance, and I believe, based upon my own experience, that most modern education lacks a lot of substance. To me, it's mostly air, and low-oxygen-content air, at that!


Spiritually, I've been working on not-working-so-much. It seems more and more that I'm trying too hard to achieve when spirituality is one of those strange realms that works best when I'm not trying to achieve, but rather allowing things to come into my life as a river flows through the countryside. The river doesn't have to work, it just flows where the course of the riverbed directs it, and even the riverbed changes over time, and the river self-adjusts.

Automatic self-adjustment should be in operation all day, every day. If that were 'turned on' in my daily life, I believe that things would start 'flowing in,' just like a river!

Generally, in spiritually, I tend toward the neo-pagan/new-age sides of things, although by no means strict or the follower of any particular guru or instructor, creed or faith. However, this does not mean I lack either instruction, interaction, or a path to follow.

Hmmm. Just what does The Humble Fishe believe? I've never really discussed it here, so why not now? I believe that the 'school of direct spiritual experience' is the best teacher, and one's own personal interpretation of that experience is equally the best way to understand the unseen world of Human Consciousness.

It's not rocket science, folks! Too many rules equal too much dogma, and as the old saying goes, 'my karma ran over my dogma' many years ago! ;-)

Seriously, though, I'm not so flippant when it comes to desiring new and meaningful experiences in my spiritual--and physical--life at this point. 43 is no place to be treading water, but that's where I am. Luckily, Nature has allowed me the ability to fashion a 'spiritual antigravity platform,' so I no longer have to tread H2O in the spiritual sea. Nikola Tesla would've been proud! Carl Jung, too!

Well, on to other subjects.


The Work I Desire...Writing? I dunno...
Writing is another area I've been playing around in for a while. I'm working on a novel at the moment--the first of a six-volume series called 'The Sacred Dances of the Cosmos.' Archives will show a poem entitled My Beach©, which I am going to publish soon.

I actually wrote the poem well after I had started on the first volume--originally a one-book-story--which I've named The Light and Dark Moon Dancing. The story centers around Sam, a man of youthful middle-age who is drawn back to his beach front hometown in Michigan.

(THF Note: Michigan is my home state, and the events portrayed in the book take place near a lakeside town I used to frequent during the summers when I lived near there--the beach is awesome!)

Whether or not this project gets off the ground and yields up something tangible (read: money) remains to be seen. I'm still dealing with a lot of inner demons. Gads! Aren't all writers? Sheesh!

(Actually, though, writing is an area in which I'd really like to succeed, especially in New Age/Spiritual Fiction; and I'm not being flippant about that! -THF)

Well, that's it for now. More later on toward July.
Blessings and Light to Each and Everyone,
Warm Regards from The Humble Fishe