Monday, September 18, 2006

My Beach

My Beach

Lingers on the outside edge of ecstasy,

Meandering shoreline, hugging the bleeding edge of experience,

Whole, blue sky, expanses from the horizon, to overhead, down the other side,

Heralding a dome of Life. My own experiences.

My Beach

Bridges gaps, creating, fashioning broad pathways,

A place where dimensions coalesce, intertwine, and meet.

My Beach

Is a place where the gods of old dance,

Giving the Knowledge of old to the people of today,

Blending their spirits, coupling their hearts,

Teaching how to do the sacred Dances of the Cosmos,

The Dark and Light Moon Dancing,

The Creation and Fire Dance of the Sun,

The Roiling River Dance of the Waters,

The Underworld Dance of The Passing,

The Intertwining Spirit Dance of Love,

The EnJoining of the All.

My Beach

Encompasses All That...

And is a Great Place to Swim in the Summer, too!

To walk, hand in hand, and watch a sunset,

Or a sunrise,

Or cuddle with The One That You Love.

My Beach

Is Forever.

©2006 Stephen Andrew Brown. All Rights Reserved.