Friday, October 16, 2009

Where The Spirit Dwells

It's been a while since I could say in a heartfelt manner that I was calm enough to sit down and write something down without trepidation or fear of reproach--reproach from myself, not anybody else.

I've been working on developing my spiritual side, and it seems to have paid off recently. My spiritual life is quite eclectic, as I draw from many new and old spiritual pathworkings. Neopaganism plays a major role these days, as do many other Earth-Based spiritual paths. I draw a small amount from Christianity through my Episcopalian upbringing, obtaining from that experience my sense of community and service-to-others.

Together, all these things are coalescing into helping me become more Aware (relating to Consciousness) of myself, my world, and others within those worlds, both physical and spiritual.

My wife and I happened to have the pleasure of visiting a wonderful new-agey, witchy-type store in Kansas City, Missouri that goes by the telltale name of Aquarius--an apt moniker for a wonderful shop that caters to not only the New Age and modern neopagan set, but also for those with a love of fine, handcrafted jewelry.

Some of the items we found on this visit (we visited once before a few weeks earlier) were a simply delightful, handmade cape made from black, shiny acetate-silk, adorned with little owls with painstakingly-applied faux-jewel eyes on purple material of the same type. This same cape comes with drawstrings that allow a hood to be made, and I have to say, it's striking on my wife, who was pleased as punch that the cape was still there. Needless to say, we picked it up at once!

We did a lot--and spent a lot ;-)--on this trip. The highlight of the visit was getting our auras photographed and having Barbera, Aquarius' resident expert Intuitive, interpret both our photographs. The results were meaningful and helpful beyond words. Also delightful was a tarot reader

Aquarius is really two stores in one, the other store the jewelry side called Vulcan's Forge, which has many interesting, one-of-a-kind jewelry products.

Many other items too numerous to mention exist within the walls of this interesting emporium. Web sites are below:

Give yourself a treat if in the Kansas City, Missouri area and give Aquarius/Vulcan's Forge a visit.

More later. . . THF

HumFisheKu For October 2009

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