Friday, September 30, 2011


Beloved Friend and Family Member
2003 - 2011
You Gave Each of Us Your Furry Face
And Helped Us All to Find Our Place

You Gave Us All Your Unselfish Love
And Brought Us Closer To Spirit Above

You Were There When We Were Ill
And Slept By Our Side Til' We Were Well

You Ran And Jumped and Barked For Joy
You Loved To Squeak Your Favorite Toy

When You Sat Up, You Looked Like Little Bear
And Were So Cute, You Made Us Stare

Curled Up By Our Feet at Night
We Then Knew We'd Have No Fright

You Went So Fast, We Hardly Knew Thee!
This Special Soul, Four Footed Beauty!

Goodbye Gracie! From Me To Thee. . .
You Slept On My Head, One Year After Oh-Three
And Made Me Well...

This Memorial Is All For Thee!

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