Sunday, September 14, 2014

When The Summer Ends - A Mini Memoir

The sunshine's gone, the days grown short, I say goodbye to all my newfound friends.
I get like this, each time of year, whenever summer ends.

I get choked up, because I know, this time will never come again. I may not meet these folks as time goes on, as the summer ends.

Summertime is full of folks, fine and stead and true. Summer makes hearts beat as one, as few seasons do.

One may be rich, one may be poor, or somewhere in-between. Summer's warmth doth soften all, and makes one equal on summer's scene.

I remember when winter's chill, ended come the spring. Spring's a cousin, once removed, but still heralds summer's king.

Oh what Joy! Abounden Now! As the reign begins! Winter's over, Spring is done! Let summer now begin!

Summer Reigns! What a reign it is! All here may agree! Summer's mighty, benev'lent Kingdom, hot, sticky, and free!

That is what the summer is, and what it's been to me. But childhood's end is bittersweet, and so I share with thee.

When my time of impish joy, youth, and revelry. Ended 'ere I became man, and went to work to earn my fee.

Boy! Have I worked, and worked some more, out along my days. Now, abreast the years, at forty-eight, do memories pass my way.

Mem'ries of a joyful past, back in my days of youth. Makes me realize back then, I found a pure and simple truth.

When one is young, and well-tended-to, by parents who do care. Who sallied forth upon the sea of life, our young burdens to bear.

We, as lucky children, who, together, summer's magick share!

That's what came to me just now, and allowed a glimpse back thro' the twain. I'm feeling a bit younger now, even as the season wanes.

Though, even now, as the parks close up, and camping does wind down. The summer shops, they're closing now. Up and down this resort town.

Autumn comes on thickly now, firstly quietly. Then crescending to her blust'ry swells, blowing away summer's king.

And I grow sad, and tear a bit, out the corner of my eye. Because I do feel so deeply now, what really has passed by.

My Childhood Gone? Oh, yes, it has, now for nigh-on many years. Replaced by tensions, hopes, and strifes, I had not in my younger years.

But still I've managed to hold on, to a magick, Great and Old! I still have my youthful audacity, and I can say now, large and bold!

There will come a day so very soon, when I will celebrate with my family and friends! That time when we will never think, of when the summer ends!

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